Today Is The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

After SBI!?

Suzanne Prochaska,

Before SBI!:
  • "I had a high paying corporate job for a health care corporation. It was my "dream job. It turned out to be a nightmare (long hours, weekends in my home office, corporate ladder). I hated my job - all of it."

"Can I Do What She Did?"

That depends...

SBI! owners (SBIers) are ordinary, everyday people with hobbies, interests and passions.

SBI! builds online businesses rather than just Web sites. It overcomes all the tech hurdles that stop most people from succeeding online.

So yes, you should be able to achieve what SBIers like Suzanne above did.

Building a business will never be easy. But it is doable when you follow a proven process and use the right tools.

Ready to find out more?

After SBI!?

Rose Musyoka,

Before SBI!:
  • "Given I had already lost 10k in GRQ's, $299 was too little to ask for and BAM (Brains, Attitude, Motivation) was in full supply. I got down to work."

If you understand SBIers , you will understand better if you are right for SBI!...

  1. Study these detailed, long-term case studies. Business case studies (the teaching model used at Harvard) provide the best insights. At least one SBI! owner is likely to match your circumstances.
  2. Scan hundreds of sites that are Top-0.5%-On-The-Web. Note the diversity of niches, design, content and voice.
  3. See the variety of designs achievable with SBI's Site Designer (opens new browser window), along with short thumbnails of each.
  4. Check out SiteSell Facebook, a thriving community of SBI! owners and non-SBI! owners. Questions welcome. You can't fake an active, happy community like this.
  5. Stories told by SBI! owners to SBI! owners in the Forums.
After SBI!?

Paul O'Brien,

Before SBI!:
  • "I was working in a job (manager of one of Ireland's leading Fitness companies) that ... was increasingly taking up my free time and sacrificing everything else to it... my health, my happiness, my relationship."

Did you take your time while reviewing the above? All these folks are ordinary, everyday people. They start with long-term goals that range from mothers who want to add a modest $500 per month to the family income (while staying home with the children) to unhappy employees who desperately want to build their own businesses and take back their lives.

They often start tentatively, gain confidence and soon discover inner strengths and abilities they had long since forgotten.

And they succeed.

Is there any reason that your tomorrow should not be what their today is?

None at all. They put in the work. They are reaping the rewards.

You can do the same.

Make Today Your First Day

SBI! will take you past the "hard parts" that block most people if you have...

BAM "Brain - Attitude - Motivation"! BAM is the key ingredient that you must add to SBI!...

  • "Brain" does not mean "brainy." It means you have, or have developed, knowledge in a niche (perhaps from a hobby, job, other life experience).
  • "Attitude" means you are a positive, optimistic person who works well with others.
  • "Motivation" means you want to build a business and take control of your life enough to sacrifice leisure activities.

If you do have BAM, and patiently and diligently work through the SBI! Action Guide, ignore outside distractions and focus on building your online business, you will succeed.

Take back ownership of your life by building a profitable long-term e-business with SBI!.

Every great journey begins with the first step. Make today more than just another day...

Make it the first day of the rest of your life!